Welcome to Friar Tuck's Manitowoc


BIG MEALS...small prices


Chicken Wings 6.50
Boneless Chicken WIngs 5.50
Friars (Potato Wedges) 2.95
Mushrooms 3.75
French Fries Reg. 2.50
Small order French Fries 1.50
Cauliflower 3.75
Onion Rings 3.75
Chicken Quesadilla 5.75
(Grilled tortilla stuffed with chicken,
onions and peppers, Cheddar & Pepper
Jack cheese)
Sweet Potato Fries 3.50
Mozzarella Stix 6.25
Potato Poppers 4.50
Queso Stix 5.75
Hot Scoops 3.95
(Spiced battered onion petals)
Chicken Tenders 6.50
Cheese Nuggets 4.75
Combination Platter 5.95
(Includes Friars, Mushrooms
& Cauliflower)
Cheese Pleasers 8.25
(Mozzarella Stix, Nuggets, Potato
Poppers & Queso Stix)
Potato Sidewinders 2.95

Soup of the Day - Cup 3.00 Bowl 3.50
Soup and Salad 5.75
(A bowl of our soup of the day, served
with our Garden or Caesar salad)
Crock of French Onion with Cheese 3.50
Bowl 4.00
Chili (When in season - Served with
Cheddar cheese)
Cup - 3.00 Bowl 3.75

Chef Salad 5.95
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad 7.95
Crispy Chicken Salad 7.95
Chicken Caesar Salad 7.95
Caesar Salad 3.50
Garden Salad 3.50
Raw Vegetable Platter Reg. 3.95
Large 6.25

Hamburger 3.75
Chicken Tenders 4.75
Cheeseburger 3.95
Grilled Cheese 2.95
Hot Dog 3.25
Mini Corn Dogs 3.75

Prime Rib Sandwich - One slice of Prime Rib with sauteed mushrooms and lots of melted Provolone cheese, all together on toasted French Bread with au jus 9.75

The Little John - Practically a foot of grilled, seasoned beef patty, covered with lots of Cheddar cheese, smothered with sauteed mushrooms and served on a toasted sourdough roll 6.25

"Friar's Club" - We combine turkey, ham, bacon and Swiss cheese, served hot or cold on a croissant with lettuce and tomatoes, and a side of mayo on request 7.95

Sherwood Forest - Thinly sliced roast beef and turkey topped with lots of Swiss cheese, served on toasted marble rye with 1000 Island on the side 7.50

Choose one of the following sandwiches in a half portion with a cup of our homemade soup or garden salad.
Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham & Cheese, Submarine, Chicken Breast, Little John or Cheeseburger 6.25
Substitute crock of French Onion or Bowl of Soup .50
Half sandwiches are available on the following breads: Sourdough Roll, French Bread, Whole Wheat. Try our daily Half Sandwich Special.

Roast Beef - Tender Beef, served on toasted French Bread with au jus 6.95
Tenderloin Steak Sandwich - A steak sandwich prepared to your liking
8 oz. 9.50     6 oz. 8.25
Rib Eye Cube Steak - 6 oz. of tender beef, smothered in fried onions 6.25
Hamburger - Served on a toasted baked roll 5.50*
Cheeseburger - our 1/2 lb burger with lots of melted cheese 5.95*
How about a Double Cheese?
One lb - We dare you...9.75*
Bacon Cheeseburger - Our famous cheeseburger topped with thick slices of bacon 6.75*

Smokehouse Burger - Our 1/2 lb burger with a slice of ham, crisp bacon, smothered with Cheddar and Provolone, with a side of our BBQ sauce 6.95*
Reuben - The only way to top our corned beef is with sauerkraut and melted cheese. Served on Dark Rye bread 7.95
Pot Roast - Homemade Pot Roast heartily sliced and topped with Monterey Jack cheese and sauteed onions. Served on a fresh baked Onion Cheddar roll 7.75
Fish Sandwich - Lightly breaded Haddock fillet, deep fried until golden brown and served on a toasted Rye bun with lettuce, lemon and tartar sauce 7.25
Patty Melt - Grilled 1/2 lb hamburger sandwiched between slices of whole wheat bread with melted Swiss and American cheese and tons of fried onions 6.50
Turkey Wrap - Shaved turkey, crisp bacon, mushrooms, a little onion with Rance, topped with Cheddar Jack cheese and served hot in a fresh tortilla 6.25
Chicken BLT Wrap - Chicken, crisp bacon, lettuce served in a fresh tortilla with a side of Honey Dijon Ranch (Served hot or cold) 6.50
Crab Croissant - Crab meat blend served hot with lots of melted Cheddar cheese on a toasted croissant 6.50
Ham & Cheese - Hot ham topped with melted Swiss cheese, served on Dark Rye bread 6.25
Roast Beef Wrap - Shaved roast beef, sauteed mushrooms and Provolone cheese served hot in a fresh tortilla, with a side of Ranch 6.50
Submarine - A perfect combination of ham, turkey, salami and cheese on French Bread. Served with tomatoes and our special dressing (Served hot or cold) 6.75
Chicken Breast - Try our chicken breast grilled, BBQ or lightly breaded and fried. Served with tomato and lettuce 6.50
Cajun Chicken - Try our Cajun seasoned chicken topped with Provolone cheese 6.95
Grilled Chicken on Focaccia - Our grilled chicken breast served on Asiago topped Focaccia bread with Provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and onions with mayo 7.25
Roasted Turkey on Onion Cheddar Roll - Shaved roasted turkey with lettuce, tomatoes and a side of Basil mayo, served on a fresh baked onion cheddar roll (Served hot or cold) 6.25

All sandwiches above with extra portion of cheese 1.00
With extra portion of bacon 1.25
With sauteed mushrooms 1.00
*By request meat may be under cooked. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood or
eggs may increase your risk of illness.